In the Middle art exhibition is a celebration of the unique perspectives of Canadian-Middle Eastern and North African artists as well as those geographically adjacent. It is an opportunity to recognize the importance of MENA and MENA-adjacent artists in the Toronto art scene and to highlight an under represented vision as well as recognize the diversity of MENA culture and celebrate the beauty of its art.

11 artists will be sharing their stories and unique experiences with the world.It is a chance to create a dialogue about the importance of representation and inclusion in the art world and to create a space where MENA and MENA-adjacent artists can be seen, heard, and respected.

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Amina Boufennara

Amnna Attia

Ayan Melikli

Christina Hajjar

Edriss Sydeki

Habiba Raouf

Özge Dilan Arslan

Qudsia Hussain

Rabiyah Sagheer

Sara Abulkarim

Sara Ghaben

Exhibition Curated by Sara Abulkarim, Amina Boufennara and Habiba Raouf

Remote Gallery, July 15 - July 16, 2023

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