Sara Abulkarim is a multidisciplinary artist based between Laval and Toronto. She studied at Cégep Marie-Victorin in Montreal and at OCAD University in Toronto, where she earned a diploma in interior design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Sara Abulkarim is primarily inspired by her own experience and roots. She explores questions of identity and culture by documenting her life and every path she has taken. She seeks to capture intimate and intangible moments that are often forgotten, but are always present in our memory. Influenced by her background in interior design, her work evoke emotion and nostalgia through the representation of interior spaces, public spaces, and the city both in a traditional and abstract approach.

Sara Abulkarim is an artist who works with various mediums. She uses a combination of photography, digital art, and traditional drawing to paint spaces and landscapes inspired by her daily adventures. Her work is often characterized by bright colors and texture on large-scale canvases.



OCAD University - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Toronto, Canada 


Cégep Marie-Victorin - Interior Design - Quebec, Canada



Creative Resilience/Resilient Creativity – First Canadian Place – Toronto, Ontario

GradEx107 – OCAD U – Toronto, Ontario 

Emerge Art Auction –OCAD U – Toronto, Ontario


Awenda Inspired - Ada Slaight Student Gallery - Toronto, Ontario

Vernissage & Chill - Teal Bar - Montreal, Quebec


Awenda Inspired - Ada Slaight Student Gallery - Toronto, Ontario

Team - Hachem - Laval, Quebec 

Celebration of First Year Exhibition - OCAD U - Toronto, Ontario


2017 Manning Innovation Symposium - OCAD U - Toronto, Ontario 




Awards Springs – OCAD U– Toronto, Ontario

OJS Scholarship – OJS StudentExchange – JiangSu, China

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